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Sharing few ideas of how to play with your china on this « stay at home » time and also a cheat sheet to set up the most fancy table 
Cece Christian picture
December 14, 2020 • 03:03 PM
Cece at Gaines Jewelers:
Great illustration and I love these fun pattern combos!

Jason Solarek picture
December 15, 2020 • 09:17 AM
Jason at Bridge:
cool drawing ;)

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With the pandemic upon us and really not knowing when it will be 100% over, make sure to celebrate as you should and deserve. 
Giving you few ideas from the new BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION book by Teatime magazine
Virginie De Toustain picture
Virginie De Toustain at BIA Cordon Bleu
September 11, 2020
Our BYBLOS beechwood collection will keep up the summer holiday feel especially while combined with the SEYCHELLES white collection  
While still spending most of your time and especially meals at home, please use your fancy china for your home cooked wagyu beef burgers .... 
Be bold & daring like this bride and mix matte platinum dinner with satin gold Arcades dessert 
While social/physically distancing and especially after, please make sure to keep using the “good china”. This picture is so inviting I could sit at the table now. Bon Appétit 
Jason Solarek picture
May 19, 2020 • 05:45 PM
Jason at Bridge:
Keep pretty things close :)

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Sharing our retailers favorite Instagram pictures - DHARA RED from Deshoulieres 

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